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VGAP4 International

This site will almost always be "Under Construction" - we hope!
To promote the VGA Planets 4 game throughout the world

To provide An Introduction to the the game for new players, ("Newbies") in their own language. It's easier that way!

To provide links to other good Information sites in those languages for further study.

This is a Free Site

Please respect the aspirations and the work of the contributors.

This site is provided under GNU License - for Documentation items.
The graphics is the Copyright of the respective creators.

There has been an amazing amount of work put in by the contributors, please respect that if you wish to use any of this documentation on your own sites.
"Due Credit" assignment is requested.

If you would like to assist please contact me.

If you know any good international information site links please let me know!

This material on this site is provided under the
GNU Free Documentation License (GNU FDL)

This site is a constantly growing site
- or at least I hope so!

                      - Olly Harlow



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